Naa Hrudayalapana

This is how the album was started, when I heard that someone doing sin being a believer of the Lord. I started hating that person in my heart. At the same time God spoke to me that if I treat you the same way!... Then where you will be. At the same time, I realized and started praising the Lord for guiding me in the correct path.

Naa Hrudayalapana

It is the theme song of the album NAA HRUDAYALAPANA. It’s a prayer to God asking him to prepare me as a witness and a warrior for him.


It is worship song. This song describes - how God benefited me when I have nothing to do.

Mahima nikey

This was worship and thanks giving song. Thanking him for raising me up from the darkness and asking him to fill me with your holy spirit.

Margam satyam

This was written by basing the youth. Asking the god to fill the people with your love.


It is a worship song.

Sundaraminadhi nee namam

This song describes how great is our God. When people left me then the god elevated.

Parishudha Deva

This was the first song written by me. This song was written in the situation where I literally hated a person, who was into secret sins, then God spoke to me and he said if I hate u in the same way i.e. how you hating that person then imagine where you will be.